Co-ops & Condos

Co-ops and condos has become a specialty for MES.  As a former co-op president, Mindy has a decided edge on the rapidly expanding co-op and condo market.  She uses her experience and talents to bring the best possible perspective to the financial problems of co-ops and condos.  In each instance, MES offers a sensible, clear-cut solution geared to the specific situation.  MES can recommend the refinancing of loans, and investigate ways to put the property on a sound financial footing.  The firm works closely with owners, teaching them how best to handle problems and plan for contingencies.  Within the co-op and condo industry, MES is increasingly known as the expert in the tri-state area.MES has targeted the co-op phenomenon as an arena in dire need of the experience she has to offer. Mindy has been a featured speaker at the Council of New York Cooperatives seminars and has led forums to acquaint attorneys and accountants with current co-op issues.  Currently, MES advises over 60 co-op and condo organizations.MES has emerged as a leader in the field of co-op organizations.  Personal experience in this growing market underscores her hands-on approach to the legal complexities of owner management.  MES draws from personal, practical experience when formulating strategy for “detangling” the most hopeless financial structure.

Toward this goal, MES has:

  • founded the Council of Westchester Co-ops & Condos (CWCC)
  • organized professional seminars for attorneys and accountants to acquaint and update them with current co-op and  condo issues
  • made specific tax recommendations concerning co-op issues
  • conducted a study of self-managed co-op’s systems and advised restructuring
  • contributed to substantive changes and additions to a co-op’s Board of Directors’ handbook and training manual
  • uncovered half-million dollar fraud at a co-op, and subsequently helped that co-op gain control from the sponsor
  • instrumental in renegotiation of co-op mortgages; prevented foreclosure, resulting in co-op taking units back from a delinquent sponsor
  • leader in the fight for changes in co-op tax legislation
  • resisted the IRS and NYS application of unfavorable interpretation of tax laws
  • devised strategies to reduce the co-op tax burden in negotiation with taxing authorities